About Me

Since my childhood I had a lot of various interests. I was very keen on reading books, I remember how thrilled I was borrowing books from the school library and sinking into their stories, admiring the heroes and heroines and feeling a deep desire to visit those beautiful places described in the books, one day.  Dressing with my mum’s clothes had been a special pleasure to me, and as I grew older I found a string of special satisfaction to wear a piece of clothing in a way that no other girl in my class did. Coming up with uniquely combined pieces of clothing had been brightening me up and making me feel strong and confident. It must have had something related to that teenage sense of self-awareness, when all of us thought that everything was about looks. So, probably it used to give me a sense of security in my own skin. Later on, dressing became something as a self-expression to me, a way to express my mood and my identity .It is something that I am mostly passionate about. However, I always knew that inners matters the most, the constant learning and shaping into a better person each day.  Learning something new from every person I meet.  And travelling is like a soul food. So hungry for more, I set my foot on travelling and visiting all those countries I’ve been reading about in my childhood, every time I have the opportunity to do so. Of course, new inspiring places arise day by day and one of my greatest wish is to visit them all. I have visited many beautiful places long before I’ve started my blog , so I will try to document what has been most impressive for me, and for the upcoming trips also I will keep this online journey and will try to provide you with what I think is most worthy to see about a place. Nevertheless, I also share a great interest for every kind of curiosities, news and happenings. As I know for myself, I am particularly fascinated with people’s personal stories, struggles and successes, ups and downs so expect a lot of interviews with amazing people around here. I am sure you can find a lot of relatable things on my blog and sincerely I hope to see you here on a regular basis. Cheers!